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Harding has a progressive policy vision, a plan to mobilize the people in Ohio.


On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court of The United States overturned Roe v. Wade, jeopardizing our right for and our access to medically safe abortion by sending it back down to the States. The gerrymandered supermajority republican Ohio General Assembly has systematically passed bills to take away Ohioans’ sovereignty over their bodies, now banning abortions after only six weeks of pregnancy. Already, a 10 year old child (a victim of sexual abuse) had to travel to Indiana to get an abortion because her doctor's initial examination determined that she was 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. All people deserve sovereignty over their own body. I will fight to codify Ohioans’ right for and access to medically safe abortions in Ohio.  


All human beings - no matter who they love, their ancestry, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, income or education - all deserve equality under the law. I will fight to protect each person’s right to live a full, productive, fulfilling life, where all human rights are honored and protected.


Too many Ohioans are not covered by health insurance, cannot afford to pay their deductibles, or cannot afford to buy prescriptions or medical equipment that they need. Too many Ohioans have gone into bankruptcy, unable to pay their exorbitant medical bills. During the pandemic, when so many people lost their jobs, they also lost their health insurance. We know that for-profit insurance makes the CEO’s rich, but it does not cover the needs of the people. I will fight for Universal Health Care for all Ohioans.  


Climate change is here - record heat waves, destructive storms, flooding. Ohio legislators have been corrupt in providing incentives, tax breaks and lax regulation to the fossil fuel industry, while obstructing the growth of renewable energy. I will fight to end Ohio’s dependence on fossil fuels. I will fight to plug our abandoned oil & gas wells. I will incentivize renewable energy projects: solar, wind, geo thermal. I will fight for Community Rights to protect the water, air and soil.

Agriculture is Ohio’s #1 industry. I will work for sustainable agriculture and food systems that rely on regenerative and organic farming practices. Ohio’s water, air and soil are our life blood and we must protect them, while creating an abundant, local and family farm friendly industry. 


Qualified immunity is a judicially-created doctrine that shields select government officials from being sued in a civil court. But it also works to protect rogue police officers from being held accountable by the families of victims of police violence. I will fight to end qualified immunity in Ohio. 



I will be a strong, resourceful advocate at the Statehouse for health, human rights and justice for All.  The wisdom, generosity and humanity of the people I've worked with, marched with, organized with, and advocated for in Ohio gives me Hope for our Future.  
I will champion for a government of, by and for the People.  
We will not take corporate PAC or dark money donations.  

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