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Former Ohio State Rep Democrat Candidate 

I'm the middle of five daughters. Born and raised in Worthington Ohio, and now live in Bexley, where my husband and I raised our kids and I work as an environmental advocate/organizer and a Radio/podcast host and producer.  

I come from the arts, primarily acting, producing and directing.  Ten years ago, while volunteering at WOSU radio I was asked to research fracking.  From that day on I became a voracious student regarding Ohio's water, air and soil.  I soon learned that legislators don't necessarily create law to protect our natural resources or the communities that depend on them.  As co-organizer with the Columbus Community Bill of Rights, we ran four campaigns to give local citizens the right to say No to oil & gas radioactive waste dumping within our drinking water sources.  Each time we were stopped by state preemption.  In this same vein, many other Ohio community initiatives have been stopped: plastic bag bans, gun safety regulations, minimum wage reform, by State preemptive law.  Most laws written by the very industries that profit when our local control is denied.


Three years ago, I started GrassRoot Ohio Radio/podcast - conversations with everyday people working on important issues here in Columbus and all around Ohio - I've been listening to the stories of concerned citizens and activists working for environmental, racial, social and economic justice throughout Ohio.  


As your Ohio State Rep, I will bring equity, sustainability and justice to the Statehouse.  I will work to ensure healthy, safe communities where Your Vote Counts and Your Rights Matter!


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